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About us

Why I learn Sanskrit ?

Why not you learn Sanskrit?  Apart from fun, learning Sanskrit can also help you understand the etymology of a lot of words in Indian and non-Indian languages. Sanskrit is mother of languages which also helps you understand ancient Sanskrit text, shlokas and other Sanskrit words in their true context, with nothing lost in translation. It helps you to increase your memory power, concentration and pronunciation.

It improves personality development and intelligence.

Hence learning Sanskrit is beneficial to individuals.

Our Instructor

Vinaykumar Bhagwat is a Sanskrit teacher. He studied Sanskrit ten years in a traditional way. He has done SHASTRI (Graduation) SHIKSHA-SHASTRI ( B.Ed) ACHARYA ( Masters ) in Sanskrit.  He is specialized in Spoken Sanskrit, Grammar, Literature and Indian Philosophy. He has been teaching Sanskrit to students from various countries. He teaches using modern methods with modern text books with a rigor traditional background. Are you interested in learning one of the oldest languages of mankind? If you want to speak Sanskrit fluently and learn to chant sacred Bhagavadgeeta and other beautiful shlokas , Then definitely you can take guidance of Vinaykumar Bhagwat from Sanskrit Griham.

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Why Sanskrit Griham ?

Sanskritgriham is a technology platform that imparts impactful content designed by its empanelled Linguist of Sanskrit language imparted via Cloud telephone, Streaming  Video, Live video interaction, Experiential Learning and Interactive. Evaluation leading to Adapt Learning by the user. Sanskritgriham also undertakes Sanskrit reading, Writing , Pronouncing , Speaking and understanding.


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